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Decoration Guide

Decoration Guide for Balloon Decorations


Need a Decoration Guide to help you with planning balloon decor for your next event?  Want to know which areas need extra attention and which ones don’t? Depending on your budget, the following Decoration Guide for Balloon Decorations will list the important areas of your venue and focus on the decorations needed.

This Decoration Guide of balloon decorations will not provide pricing information, however, there are some guidelines you should plan for, when considering a total decor budget.. Balloons file large spaces quickly with a variety of vivid colors. AR Balloon Creations help you “celebrate” your event, they set the mood and help make memories that will last a lifetime.


Decoration Guide – Areas to Decorate

Entrances – Transitional decor, a taste of what’s to come (in theme) or for a Grand Entrance use a Walk-thru-Arch, Walk-thru Heart or Walk-thru Star. Balloon drop – Balloons float gently from the ceiling! Balloon drops can be created in every size that’s just perfect for your needs and available decorating space & ready to let them loose. They’re surprisingly affordable, too!

Foyer – Add color and festivity while people wait and mingle with floor bouquet balloon arrangements.

Stage – Add color with arches & columns, a logo backdrop, highlight a name or provide an element of surprise with an exploding balloon wall.

Table – use a themed Backdrop, canopy, or name as a focal point. Use themed or festive Centerpieces to form the ambiance. Create a Focal Point such as a canopy over the cake table, or use gumball balloons or a milestone column to add color and significance to the celebration. Use balloons to add color and to identify this important area.

Dance Floor – Add drama to this focal point with a Lighted Canopy or simply Float Balloons above or create an element of surprise with an exploding ceiling balloon filled with confetti and smaller balloons.

DJ Table – Add color to highlight the emcee or DJ.

Photo Backdrop – Create a Backdrop or use props for your guests to enjoy and remember when they see the pictures they took at your event. Add Color to where you want people to make their first stop.

Perimeter – Add floor bouquets or majestic columns to tie up empty area in the room.

Special Moment – Build excitement as your guests anticipate the shower of balloons with a Balloon Drop.

Driveway or Parking Lot – Use balloons as “cookie crumbs” – leading guests to the final destination.

By understanding and following this Decoration Guide, you can choose what decorations to buy and where to put them. Depending on the event, this list could certainly be expanded. The many options and color harmonies to choose from can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go it alone.


Decoration guide not enough, need more help?


We are here to help you. We can recommend trending decor elements and ensure proper placement, appropriately carrying out the theme or motif in harmony. Once you see how the decorations flow seamlessly, the same way your guest will experience them, your choices will be much easier. We can also provide you with a custom proposal outlining the areas we feel would be most appropriate to decorate, along with a competitive price quote to help you stay within your budget.  Put our experience to work for you – call us today +91 7799975333 or email:

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